Why Mattachine This Sunday Perfectly Bookends My Decade As An Out Queer (thanks John Cameron Mitchell!)

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The post-Hard French period of my life (it’s pretty much like a BC/AD difference at this point) has been marked by so many previously unthinkable and magical experiences — from slinging records across 11 states and 2 countries in a wild road tour with Amy to curating a balls to the wall pride party with some of my favorite all-time DJs and performers to igniting a queer takeover of a haunted hotel.  Each of these memories and so many more continue to blow me away but these still don’t reach any where near the level of awe I feel when reflecting upon what is the craziest of them all – meeting & throwing a party with John Cameron Mitchell.

I’m pretty sure that most everyone out there who’s seen John’s film, Hedwig & The Angry Inch at the very least appreciated the music & the message that have turned the film into the definition of a cult-classic.  To me, Hedwig was something far deeper than a film — it was a crucial pillar of validation at a time when I was desperately clinging for any semblance of self-worth and identity.  I came out when I was 14 — it’s not a particularly remarkable coming out story, but like all others it led to a complete inner panic.  One where I felt myself completely losing the heteronormative identity that had shaped me and also many of the friends and support systems that had come with it.  I was a lone-wolf queer in my circle and while some folks gave me an “it’s ok to be gay” pat on the back, I still had little to no clue what that meant, or where to find community or a sense of who I now was or to become.

Then, less than two weeks after first uttering the words “I’m gay” to another person, I rented a new “gay” movie that had just come out with the hopes that it would somehow toss me some sort of lifesaver and at least make me feel slightly less isolated in my newly articulated gayity.

Thank movie, was of course Hedwig and the Angry Inch and after watching it more times than I could count over the subsequent 3 day rental period it was patently clear that I wasn’t alone, and that the queer me was going to involve a lot more guts glitter than I had perviously imagined.  I can’t fully express how empowering it was to be told that, yes, I may be the only gay I know, but goddammit that makes me a a rockstar in the sexual identity world of high school and it was time to own it, dress the part & make my mark.  I was ready to shine.

I took not only the film’s message of staying strong in your wicked little town, loving yourself & sharing your worth with the world to heart but also grabbed onto its aesthetic directives – ditching my cargo shorts & Shaq jersey and donning sparkly Mac eyeshadows and sequined tops from Limited Too.  It’s one thing to be gay at your high school, it’s an entirely different (and more empowering in my opinion) experience to do it in heels.  I performed Queen in my high school talent show in Bettie Page pumps, gender-bended my way into being named Ventura’s Punk Rock Prom Queen and also could be found in my best face at monthly Hedwig midnight screenings at the Laemelle in West Hollywood.  It was at one of these that I first met John Cameron Mitchell – I was too stunned for words and after his handshake refused to wash my hands with soap for over a week.

Haaaaaaay, Queen.

Flash-forward nearly a decade.  I’ve traded in my lipgloss for a mustache (can’t get enough of these clichés, can i?) and am in Toronto to bring Canada it’s first Hard French.  While there, I met John at a Toronto International Film Festival afterparty and sloppily drunk, dug up the courage to invite him to the Hard French we were doing in NYC that weekend.  Imagine the shock when 4 days later, I saw the man who’s creation made me the gay I am today walk through the doors of the East River Bar.  This story is long & involved, but suffice to say we chatted about music & as a lover of soul we made plans for him to DJ with us next time he was in SF.  Having him as our guest at the BYOQ festival some months later was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had (and not just because we were outdoors in Golden Gaet Park in the middle of a fall-rainstorm) and one that awed those who’ve seen me through my life as well – I sent a photo of us DJing to my Mom, she had it framed.

Framed + Hung in Mama's House

So, this is why, it is beyond an honor and more aptly considered a mind-blowing divine priveledge to be presenting John & his now infamous New York Party, Mattachine, here in San Francisco this Sunday, July 31st at El Rio.  In the same way that Hedwig imbued me with a sense of self worth so many years ago, I’m again feeling particularly empowered to be able to assist someone who’s meant so much to me in bringing his creation to the city that I love and has continued the identity-shaping process he helped initiate when I was 14.

Mattachine too, is a particularly galvanizing club to be hosting here in that its name and its roots are born out of the country’s first gay rights group, the Mattachine Society, who used bars and dancefloors to assert their worth and demand their rights.  As someone who believes that so much of our queer collective power is born out of our bars, parties & community meeting spaces this party is in every way an affirmation of my beliefs.  That being said, it’s also going to be an ass-kicking rock n’ roll dancefest the likes of which San Francisco’s outdoor party scene has never experienced.  John along with his partners Amber Martin, PJ Deboy & Paul Dawson are my kind of classic rock queers and I cannot wait to honor my younger self by sweating it out, shedding my shirt & celebrating my official decade of queerness on the dancefloor with the man who helped to kick it off.

Mattachine SF

Mattachine SF Poster

Mattachine Dance Party with John Cameron Mitchell & Amber Martin

Sunday July 31st from 3-8pm.  EL RIO (1465 Mission Street, San Francisco)

Mattachine is a now-legendary NYC dance party brought to you by director/actor JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Shortbus, Rabbit Hole), former-Portland performance queen AMBER MARTIN, PJ DEBOY (Shortbus), and PAUL DAWSON (Shortbus). For over three years, it’s been packing the dance floor and overflowing onto the sidewalk at the West Village bar Julius’—the very bar where members of the Mattachine Society, the country’s first gay-rights, pinko-commie organization, demanded a drink in 1964 to fight against the city’s “no service for known homosexuals” law. Before Stonewall, there was the infamous “Sip-In.” Now, 48 years later, those men are honored once a month in Julius’ by scores of fancy-dressed folks careening into each other’s arm to the songs of queer yesteryear and beyond. Like John says, “ALL music is dance music!!”

Now they’re taking MATTACHINE on the road, promoting ethical homosexual culture everywhere. Tonight is your night to be an early-era, pinko-commie, downtown homo, demand your drink, and careen into someone else’s arms.

$5 at the door.

Dress: Up and Come: Out!

Check Out More About Mattachine —
NY Times Article about Mattachine and John Cameron Mitchell:http://nyti.ms/jgobeL
Watch a Video of Mattachine in Action: http://bit.ly/loq0ws

DJ Carnita Is On The Grill in Seattle All Weekend

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Carnita’s Emereald City invasion is in full affect!  Last night it was an honor to share the decks with DJ Nitty Gritty (great name) at Sophisticated Mama — a weekly soul jam at Havana that featured the hardest working dancefloor i’ve seen outside of a Hard French.  Check out this sassy writeup we got in the Stranger’s Homosexual Agenda column (its really weird to go into a town and see your real name in the paper, btw) —

Um… no. We’re not talking about Lady Bunny. At least not just yet… she isn’t scheduled to visit until the 28th, which, if you are into calendars and time and junk like that, you know damn good and well doesn’t happen until NEXT week. (Stop pestering me!) And we’re also not talking about Katy Perry and her fireworks or whatever at KeyArena (it gets better! Moon, moon, moon!) nor any of the Indigo Girls at the damn zoo, because both of those things happened last night. (Pay attention!) The Sophisticated Mama we are discussing at the moment is a newish (to me at least—it’s been going on since last October, apparently… where the hell have I been?) every Thursday soul night. Yes, SOUL! Being a ginger, and therefore born without a soul and thoroughly damned from the word “go,” I know very little about it, but the experts tell me that resident DJs Nitty Gritty and Sad Bastard(awww… cheer up, Bastard!) and a rotating cast of guests will be spinning rare and popular soul singles from the 1960s and ’70s for your musical joy and soulful edification. Tonight’s special pre–Capitol Hill Block Party edition features San Francisco’s Tom Temprano as DJ superguest, and the gays are thoroughly encouraged to attend. (See, Daddy? Sinners got soul, too!) Havana, 9 pm, free, 21+.

The Nitty Gritty/Carnita combo buffet continues tomorrow night, Saturday the 23rd, at The Capitol Hill Block Party at Sole Repair‘s Summer Soul Jam from 9-2!  5 Hours of hot heavy sweaty post-daytime drunk debauchery promises to be a good time.  As an aside, super thanks to Nark Magazine & Vitamin Water (seriously) for making my whole northwest gaycation possible with this here gig!

OH!  And speaking of Seattle, this here is just the appetizer for the sweet soul feast that Brown Amy & I are going to be handling up here in August.  Check out this cute flyer + facebook invite for more information.

hard french seattle

Nark Magazine presents the biggest soul, funk and R&B party of the year!


with Vinyl & 45 spinsters:
Carnita & Brown Amy (San Francisco), Nitty Gritty (Seattle)
+Special guest Blueyedsoul

HARD FRENCH (San Francisco)
Featuring DJ’s Carnita & Brown Amy
Brown Amy & Carnita are the resident DJs at Hard French, a monthly soul dance party in San Francisco that has garnered praise in the SF Bay Guardian, The New Gay, SF Weekly, the New York Times and more and previously threw the Beauty Bar SF monthly, The Real Nitty Gritty. They were recently named San Francisco’s favorite DJ’s by Asterisk SF Magazine and have been featured together at Homo A GoGo, Fabulosa Fest, Brown Down Crown Parties, the Lexington, the Parkside, Public Works and have played guest DJ sets at award-winning San Francisco clubs like Some Thing at the Stud and Go Bang at Paradise Lounge. They have been also taken their show on the road toting their 45s as far away as Toronto and New York and Austin and were recently featured at Business Woman’s Special in Toronto and at The Hook Up! showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX. They have been heard on Bay Area Radio stations like Pirate Cat Radio and KALX Berkeley.


Featuring DJ Nitty Gritty
Started in the fall of 2010, Sophisticated Mama is a weekly soul dance night at Havana Social Club on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Every Thursday resident DJs Nitty Gritty and Sad Bastard spin rare and popular soul, funk and r&b from the 60’s and early 70’s.

Featuring Guest DJ, Seattle Favorite:

Photography by:
Nark Magazine

More Details TBA

Located at:
FRED Wildlife Refuge
127 E. Boylston (Entrance on Belmont Ave)
(9-10pm Happy Hour drinks with Food Cart/Truck outside)

Nark Magazine: http://www.Narkmagazine.co​m/
FRED Wildlife Refuge: http://www.fredwildliferef​uge.com/
Hard French: http://www.hardfrench.com/
Sophisticated Mama: http://www.facebook.com/gr​oups/156540951065151

Brown Amy & Carnita R Getting Crafty @ Indie Mart This Sunday

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We’ve been huge fans of/shoppers at Indie Mart for years and have always dreamed of bringing out 45s on to the stage — and now our dreams are coming true!  Indie Mart is a wonderful way to get drunk outdoors during the daytime (which we’re clearly huge fans of) while also supporting local small businesses (like our friends at Blackjet Baking Co) & bands & artists & …stuff?  There’s also a rumor that mayoral candidate John Avalos will be joining us on stage to play a few records later in the evening…  OH!  And we get to judge a DIY Contest with Indie Mart founder Kelly Malone and our pal Broke-Ass Stuart.  We ❤ passing judgement!


indie martndie mart is back, after an 8 month hibernation. SF’s only truly local indie design, DIY and music party hits Sunday July 24th from 12-7pm (extended hours) at Thee Parkside and all down Wisconsin Street. Roll out with your peeps and hit first outdoor show of the year! All the things you love: awesome vendors, all day bands, cheap beers, stiff drinks, photobooth to get wild in, Parkside’s tasty BBQ and tots, all the eye candy, fun and rad shopping you can imagine. Vendors include DIYers, makers, designers, screenprinters, illustrators, artists, typographers, vintage, a few carpenters, foodies and some of our favorites like Shotwell, Gangs of SF, Pretty Penny, San Franpsycho, Indosole, Workshop, Black Jet Bakery & about 80 more. Add in: food vendors (for the first time), our second annual DIY competition with judges Broke Ass Stuart, Kelly Malone & The Hard French DJ’s (thanks to Wikia DIY). A 6pm soul/oldies dance competition for awesome prizes. Workshop SF. Make your own terrarium fundraiser by Flora Grubb. Sex kitten makeovers by Fox & Doll: Red lips, smokey eyes & F’ed up- special effects black eyes & bruises, so youre not left out dudes. Lastly, of course the Photo Booth! We’ll have all kinds of interactive designers & good stuff going on.

The Hard French DJ’s will be spinning oldies jams, with resident DJ Rck Moranis and her sweet van. Check out the killer band lineup, details & set times available here:

· 6pm- Social Studies-
· 5pm- Ugly Winner- http://www.myspace.com/win​ningisugly
· 4pm- Carletta Sue Kay-
· 3pm- SF Rock Project- kids that will rock your balls off-
· 2pm- Marabelle Phoenix-

$5- ticket donation to Kelly’s Cancer Fund

– 7:30pm- Montra
– 8:45pm- The Downer Party

Admission is a sliding $3-5. donation, which is a fundraiser for the founder, Kelly Malone’s cancer treatments. Or a $20- donation to her fund gets you admission to indie mart, a rad indie mart tee or tote bag, a raffle ticket and admission to the afterparty show.

The Indie-Mart Street Fair
Sunday July 24th, 12-7pm
Thee Parkside- 17th st & all down Wisconsin
ALL AGES- 21 to booze it up.
$3 donation

art by Nancy Mungcal

DJ Carnita Is Hosting A New SunGay Party Called Daytime Realness — Be There

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Daytime Realness Is: Burt Reynolds Mustache, Three’s Company, Roller Skates, Astroturf, Kiddie Pools, Technicolor Jello Molds, Artificial House Plants, High Waistlines, Cuckoo Clocks, Floral Print Bathrooms, Shag Carpeting, Cabana Boys, Shrimp Cocktails, Harvey Wallbangers, Muppets in Bikinis, Pink Flamingos, Hawaiian Tropics, White Loafers, A SUNDAY YOU CANT REMEMBER & WILL NEVER FORGET

Daytime Realness

COME TO THE PARTY!  It’s going to be an epic blast full of top-notch performances, great music and babes for days.  You know you want to be able to say “I was there for the first one.”

Just when you thought it was safe to stay in on Sundays…

Join your hosts Heklina (Trannyshack) & DJ Carnita (Hard French) and groove to the musical stylings of Stanley Frank (Viennetta Discotheque, Chillidog) as you take in performances by some of San Francisco’s finest queens and cruise some of its hottest bodies.



El Rio



Hostessing by Heklina & DJ Carnita

Turntabling by Stanley Frank



Featuring Daylit Performances on the Patio by:

Gina La Divina

Ambrosia Salad

Miss Rahni

Rotisserie Ethnicity Jackson Houston Ross

And More!


Daytime Realness is a new party on the patio at El Rio every third Sunday afternoon from 3-8pm.

WE WON (the Asterisk SF SF Loves 2011 survey for Favorite DJ/Event Promoters)

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WE LOVE WINNING!  We especially love winning when we do so because we get voted the favorite by a bunch of hot babes!

Hard French won Best Even and Brown Amy & Carnita took best DJ/Event Promoters in the 2nd Annual SF Loves Survey by Asterisk SF Magazine.  Here’s a nice lil thing they say:

After receiving the most votes for the best party, it should be no surprise that DJs Brown Amy and Carnita also take the cake as Best DJs. They put a set together that makes you sweat all your week’s worry in one afternoon.

So happy to make ya’ll sweat it out.  You can check out our page in Asterisk’s online version or pick up a copy at a location near you.

Brown Amy & Carnita’s 2011 Pride Schedule — WE SO GAY (AND PROUD)

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It’s less than 1 week til Pride commences and our fair city gets even more homosexualized than it is for the other 51 weeks of the year!

We are stoked and are going to be all kindsa busy toting our 45s from Public Works, to the Stro, to the Big Gay Warehouse, to the park and then back to Public Works ALL OVER AGAIN! Each event has its own fun about it and we recommend you come to them all. DEETS —

MonGay the 20th
San Francisco Viewing Party for Broke-Ass Stuart’s New Show: Young, Broke & Beautiful
Monday, June 20 at 7:00pm – June 21 at 12:00am at Public Works

Yeah, this isn’t gay persay BUT THERE IS FREE SAM ADAMS (plus food trucks plus Indie Mart vendors) and we are enough gay to go around anyhow.

WednesGay the 22nd
7×7’s Pride Happier Hour @ The Lookout!
Wednesday, June 22nd from 6-8:30pm at the Lookout

THIS IS AS GAY AS IT GETS. We’ve never Dj’d in the Castro before and now we get to do it for a rad magazine at that bar where drunk queens yell at you while they dance to Madonna on Sunday afternoons. GAY.

FriGay the 24th
BEEFY BABE PARADE: a Punk Rock Pride
Friday, June 24 at 8:00pm – June 25 at 3:00am at the Big Gay Warehouse

Is there any band we’d rather be playing a punk rock pride with than Purple (fucking) Rhinestone (fucking) Eagle (…fucking?) — NO. They are so badass that it makes my (carnita’s — can’t speak for Brown Amy’s) nipples as hard as a pair of purple rhinestones.

SaturGay the 25th
DYKE MARCH Mainstage

I don’t think we really even have to explain this one. Brown Amy is headlining the MainStage in Dolores Park for one of the biggest women lovin’ women events in the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD. You’re going to be there anyway, but be sure to come and dance too.

Sunday, June 26 · 2:00pm – 10:00pm at Public Works

As if you haven’t heard — Hard French decided that we didn’t want to wait for it to GET BETTER so WE MADE IT BETTER and are throwing pretty much creating our own Queertopia — Queerstock — Homopalooza on Pride Sunday. The lineup includes Big Freedia, Hottub, Erase Errata, CHRISTEENE, Nick Waterhouse our fave SF queer Clubs, DJ Beyonda from PDX and so so much more.

BUY YR PRESALE TIX NOW — http://hardfrenchpride.eventbrite.com/
They’re only $15 which is more than a steal, its grand theft, and will ensure you get in and can wait in a shorter line.

Hard French Hearts Los Homos Pride 2011– Lineup Announced + Pre-Sale Tix Are Going Fast

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$15 Presale Tickets are here, going fast and the deal of the century

Pride Sunday, June 26th, 2011 

2pm – 10pm

$15 Limited VIP Pre Sale
$20 At the Door
On the Mainstage:
as always:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy
playing the 60s girl groups, early ’70s soulful funk, boogaloo, garage & Northern Soul stompers
Special Guest DJ Beyonda (PDX)
the legendary Pacific Northwest DJ who founded Portland’s famous Hole in My Soul party over four years ago
Live Performances by:
Big Freedia (NoLa)
The undisputed “Queen Diva” of Bounce Music
HOTTUB (Oakland)
Dirty Disco Rap 
Nick Waterhouse & The Tarots (SF)
Playing R&B music like it’s new again – raw and rhythmic and vital
Extra Special Guest to be announced!In the Oddjob Room:
Six Parties in Six Hours!
Stay Gold with DJs Rapid Fire & Pink Lightning
White hottt cruising and hella gay dance jams
Ships In The Night with DJs Bunnystyle & Black
A Radical, Trans-Bay, Queer Dance Party
OH! with DJ Taco Tuesday
The Party for the Dirty Gentleman
Dial-Up with DJs Robert Jeffrey and Dr. Sleep
The Call of the Wild(est) Party in Town
PARTYHOLE!!!!!!!! with DJs Booty Klap & Jiggles
Nasty Jams for Nasty Follks
Blow Pony with DJs Airick X & Kinetic (PDX)
Queerupted with Class
Live performance by CHRISTEENE (Austin, TX)
Filthy, funny and freaky and often accused of sexual terrorism and drag de-evolution

Public Works, 161 Erie Street, San Francisco
Homobiles is the official car service for Hard French Pride — prioritizing all rides to Public Works on Pride Sunday ! Yah!

YBCA Smart Night Out — Silent Disco Is This Saturday

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We do museums!  This Saturday, May 28th we are making our Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Debut as part of their famed Smart Night Out Series!  Some of our favorite folks including Primo, Hottub, Vivvy Forevermore and others have performed at these so we’re excited to be asked.  We’re even more excited to be participating in their first ever silent disco where participants will be able to hear our 45s broadcast directly to their headphones!  Don’t miss it cuz you can either shake it with some hotties on a quiet as a mouse dancefloor or run around the museum and hear us as you check out other exhibits and good times.  Here’s the facebook invite, a youtube video and more information:


Sometimes analogies are the best descriptive device. If Big Idea Night is a Camaro, then Smart Night Out is an Aston Martin. At our debut SNO, we’ll explore the concept of quiet as it relates to contemporary art and performance. Joanna Haigood, choreographer and Artistic Director of Zaccho Dance Theatre, will create a series of short movement meditations where visitors/participants will follow simple, yet evocative movement scores that interact with the gallery artwork and architecture. Guests can also participate in a silent dance party, enjoy culinary delights (for an additional fee), eardrum preserving ambient sound art, and engage in workshops with artists featured in our Daily Lives exhibit. SNO is a decidedly different affair that retains the same boisterous and aesthetically promiscuous spirit as our Big Idea Nights. So nevermind the weather and come play in the SNO! And, as always, your donations and purchases at our free events help to keep them free!


Silent Disco | You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve read the CNN article. Now experience a headphone dance party yourself! In collaboration with promotional and event sponsor Silent Storm Sound System, YBCA brings you the ultimate quiet dance experience. For $5, you can rent a headset and twist to classic soul spun by the Hard Frenchgeniuses, or wild out with international bass enthusiast Kid Kameleon! Can’t decide what to listen to? Fear not — there are two channels, so switch it up!Limited headset availability — first come, first served! $5 rental fee includes a $1 drink discount! To prevent loss, YBCA will need to hold your ID while you enjoy your Silent Disco headset experience.

Pssst…it’s coming…

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Are you ready for Hard French Pride?

Hard French Pride

Juanita’s Funky Chicken — Soul food + soul tunes with the Queen of San Francisco!

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We are beside ourselves with excitement/hunger over being asked to spin our 45s at Juanita’s Funky Chicken/Dining Out For Life!  This event will feature us on the decks, tasty chicken from Juanita More on yr plates & desserts by our favorite bakery in SF, Black Jet Baking Co!  Currently there are only a few reservations left in the 6pm so get on it!   FACEBOOK INVITE!

hot babe + hot tank = hot greasy party good times


AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Jenny Kiely & Juanita MORE! – Funky Chicken Dinner / Dining Out For Life
Mars Bar & Restaurant
798 Brannan Street @ 7th SF CA

Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 – 9 PM
DJ’s Brown Amy & Carnita “of” Hard French

Hosted by Jenny Kiely of Mars Bar Miss Juanita MORE! Juanita plans the menu, serving her famous Fried Chicken w/ Honey Goo and Carrot Cake. The MOREboys take your order, Hard French DJ’s Brown Amy & Carnita spin old soul classics for Funky Chicken Dinner On Mars.

Online reservations only. Please email us your preferred dining time
and number of guests at: FUNKYCHICKEN@JUANITAMORE.COM

Don’t forget to leave us your email address and phone number. We will
get back to you soon!

25 percent of your food bill will benefit the fight against HIV/AIDS

Thank you in advance for being courteous of your dining time as we would like to donate as much money as possible to the STOP AIDS Project.