We’re Back From The Woods And Ready To Go To Some Are Camp

What a whrilwind the Northwest was!  Thank you to Beyonda, DJ Shannon Action Slacks, DJ Nitty Gritty & Nark Magazine for hosting our 3-date extravaganza.  Can’t wait to visit ya’ll again!

For a fun peek at what the magic was like check out these great shots from our Seattle Party.

We had so much fun amongst the trees that we’ve decided to head back into them with our friends at SOMETHING for their annual Some Are Camp extravaganza in Guernville!  Things will be smokey and soulful as we headline a bonfire complete with a talent show hosted by our BFF Lil Miss Hot Mess on Saturday night.  Here are details and a sexy picture — see you in the woodz.

Some Are Camp is back for it’s 3rd year!
2 days of camping, pooling, swimming, dancing, boozing, kissing,d-p-ing etc

You’ll need a bus look. A setting up camp look. A river look. A bonfire look, a BEAST look, a pool look.

Saturday September 10th
11am Bus hosted by Martha T. Lipton leaves Cafe Flore (free cocktails on the bus), and drops us at Camp Outback.
Group trip to the river!

7-11pm bonfire and kegger djd by Carnita and Brown Amy with a talent show hosted by Lil Miss Hot mess.

11pm BEAST PARADE- bar hop through town and cause mayhem.

Sunday September 11th
Hangover Pool Party and the Woods with Djs Dirty Knees, Hoku Mama Swamp and down-E. It’s a bring your own booze affair with free bottle check (we provide the mixers the cups and the ice, no glass at the pool) and some more KEGS!

Bus leaves from the woods at 8p.m. from the Woods.

Camp at Camp Outback with us!

(707) 869-3102

Bus tickets are $50 and also get you into all three parties! You can buy them at SOME THING every Friday or email tiara.sensation@gmail.com

Pitch a tent with us!

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