Brown Amy & Carnita’s 2011 Pride Schedule — WE SO GAY (AND PROUD)


It’s less than 1 week til Pride commences and our fair city gets even more homosexualized than it is for the other 51 weeks of the year!

We are stoked and are going to be all kindsa busy toting our 45s from Public Works, to the Stro, to the Big Gay Warehouse, to the park and then back to Public Works ALL OVER AGAIN! Each event has its own fun about it and we recommend you come to them all. DEETS —

MonGay the 20th
San Francisco Viewing Party for Broke-Ass Stuart’s New Show: Young, Broke & Beautiful
Monday, June 20 at 7:00pm – June 21 at 12:00am at Public Works

Yeah, this isn’t gay persay BUT THERE IS FREE SAM ADAMS (plus food trucks plus Indie Mart vendors) and we are enough gay to go around anyhow.

WednesGay the 22nd
7×7’s Pride Happier Hour @ The Lookout!
Wednesday, June 22nd from 6-8:30pm at the Lookout

THIS IS AS GAY AS IT GETS. We’ve never Dj’d in the Castro before and now we get to do it for a rad magazine at that bar where drunk queens yell at you while they dance to Madonna on Sunday afternoons. GAY.

FriGay the 24th
BEEFY BABE PARADE: a Punk Rock Pride
Friday, June 24 at 8:00pm – June 25 at 3:00am at the Big Gay Warehouse

Is there any band we’d rather be playing a punk rock pride with than Purple (fucking) Rhinestone (fucking) Eagle (…fucking?) — NO. They are so badass that it makes my (carnita’s — can’t speak for Brown Amy’s) nipples as hard as a pair of purple rhinestones.

SaturGay the 25th
DYKE MARCH Mainstage

I don’t think we really even have to explain this one. Brown Amy is headlining the MainStage in Dolores Park for one of the biggest women lovin’ women events in the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD. You’re going to be there anyway, but be sure to come and dance too.

Sunday, June 26 · 2:00pm – 10:00pm at Public Works

As if you haven’t heard — Hard French decided that we didn’t want to wait for it to GET BETTER so WE MADE IT BETTER and are throwing pretty much creating our own Queertopia — Queerstock — Homopalooza on Pride Sunday. The lineup includes Big Freedia, Hottub, Erase Errata, CHRISTEENE, Nick Waterhouse our fave SF queer Clubs, DJ Beyonda from PDX and so so much more.

They’re only $15 which is more than a steal, its grand theft, and will ensure you get in and can wait in a shorter line.


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