Bust out Yr Springtime Calendars

We’ve spent the last few weeks in Winter Ball recovery mode which may account for our lack of updates.  FYI – the Winter Ball was magical, complete with performances from some of our faves ( Lil Miss Hot Mess, Glamamore, Anita Whiteman and more) an amazing coronation showdown, a dance contest won by Wam Bam Ashleyanne and SNOW — we made it snow!!

For those who couldn’t trek it all the way to the Brookdale, you can check out all the hot babes in bangin’ outfits on Hard French’s Facebook.

This is our personal favorite…


Anyhow, while we love to live in the romance of the past, we are TOO BUSY for that.  Here’s a quick updates on what’s baking in our Springtime oven…

Carnita is cranking out the jams at a sexy art party this coming Saturday.  The whole thing is a big gay benefit/celebration with proceeds going to Lyric and all kindsa queer performers, zinesters, artists and obviously djs.

Saturday, February 19 · 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Location    Treehouse Gallery
2604 Third Street
San Francisco, CA

After two remarkably successful years, FRUITFLYLIFE.com announces a newly transformed blog in conjunction with Fruit Fly Nursery, a Treehouse Gallery event.

Proceeds from the Event are being donated to LYRIC: Building Community & Inspiring Social Change for LGBTQQ Youth (www.lyric.org).

Music from –

realnittygritty.wordpress.com / hardfrench.com

AKA – Alix P. Shedd of the bGw

Performances and Art –

William Brennan – Production assistant / Visual artist
Patrick Foley – Graphic artist
Linda Lay – Visual artist
Daniel Samaniego – Visual artist
Najva Sol – Visual artist / Writer
Jeffrey Augustine Songco – Installation artist
Eduardo Boleyn Velázquez – Visual artist

ETC.  — Read more and RSVP on Facebook

Later in the month we’re excited to throw down another guest set at one of our favorite clubs, Go Bang!

The flyer tells you what you need to know but you can check out further deets on SF Station.  ALSO, come early because its free, because the drinks are cheap AND because we’re opening the party — good times!

PHEW!  There is so much more in the works ya’ll, first and foremost being the HARD FRENCH 1st Birthday/Season Opener on Saturday March.  We have tons of tricks up our sleeves for this one so you’ll have to stay tuned for all the latest details and we recommend requesting the day off of work NOW.
Also, we are hitting the road for the REAL NITTY GRITTY 2011 tour in March!  We’re beyond thrilled to tote our records far and wide (even though they are heavy) and are going to be hopping to Toronto, New York, New Orleans, Austin and…..


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