Danny Cox’s Baby Blue — Thanks DJ Action Slacks!

A HUGE thanks to DJ Action Slacks (who just so happens to be spinning with us at the Hard French Winter Ball this Saturday) for exposing us to our new obsession:  Danny Cox’s 1969 cover of Baby Blue (It’s All Over Now).  Apparently Mr. Cox recorded an amazing album chocked full of covers that we now must get our hot little hands on.   It’s pants creamingly good/will make you cry (cream + cry = soul gold).  THANKS ACTION SLACKS ❤

Wishin' there was room for two in the tub...


LISTEN!!  Danny Cox – Baby Blue


~ by realnittygritty on January 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “Danny Cox’s Baby Blue — Thanks DJ Action Slacks!”

  1. There are indeed, a couple of other good covers on that LP. I’ve heard that his other work is pretty spotty. I don’t know though.

  2. Hi, I’m his stepdaughter. Thanks for mentioning his work on your website. I’ll share the link with him, he will get a real “kick out of it”. He is still making and playing music here in Kansas City. He is also an established stage actor locally. I just created a fan page for him on facebook. He also has a personal facebook page. So, he’s easy to contact if you have any questions about his recordings. He’s a fascinating person – a true artist. You are welcome to email me too. A few years back he did an interview with “In The Basement” magazine if you can find a copy of that to read. Great Web Page!

    Thank You,


  3. I am Dannys youngest daughter & can put you in contact with him if youd like to get your hands on more of his work! Just shoot me an email!

  4. Sunny,

    These are the times when I really wish that I was still doing my radio show. Please tell your father that his music has carried me through some very difficult times! His album Birth Announcement definitely has some moments of brilliance.

    Where is he living these days? Is he in the states?

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