San Francisco, New York, Toronto, ya’ll were a pleasure

WHAT A MONTH!  Thus far September has played host to 3, yes 3, Hard French’s that crossed state lines and international borders.

First off, a billion thanks to all of our SF friends and family who came out for Hard French SF at El Rio.  You can check out the photo’s (booth and otherwise) on our Facebook.  Also, thanks again to DJ Shannon “Action Slacks” who came all the way from Portland to share her soul with us!

Speaking of travel, we made our way up to Toronto for our first out-of-states Hard French at Augusta House last Thursday and holy shit, ya’ll Canadians can DANCE.  Thanks to Mike Yerxa of Business Woman’s Special for doing such a great job organizing the affair and bringing out the babes, and thanks also to our pal Ila of Yes Yes Ya’ll for putting us on blast.  We can’t wait to come visit you up north again, oxoxoxo (yr all really hot).

Lets also not forget the much ancitipated debut of Hard French NY this past Saturday at East River Bar in Brooklyn!  They told us New York wouldn’t party in the daytime.  Wrong.  They told us New York wouldn’t party outdoors.  They told us New York WOULDN’T DANCE.  FUCKING WRONG!  Ya’ll brought it so hard and fast that we still have motion sickness.  It was an honor sharing the decks with DJ La Rubia of He’s A Rebel/We R Handclaps fame, and we were so stoked/surprised/excited to see the party become an amazing photo slideshow in the Village Voice!  CRAZY!  Check out some of the shots and be glad you were there or jealous if you weren’t.

Phew!  So many great things coming up in October ya’ll.  Stay tuned and we’ll be seeing you soon.


~ by realnittygritty on September 23, 2010.

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