<3 August Hard Frenchers

Hey All!  Thanks for making this last Hard French the best yet!  We laughed, we cried, we danced to the sweet sweet sounds of our guest DJ Dick Vivian from Rooky Ricardo’s Records and we got down to the hottest beach party to ever hit non-coastal San Francisco!  If you missed out, check our facebook for amazing photo-documentation shot by the one and only Jenna Riot!

Here’s a taste!

Also, a HUGE thanks to Tara Jepsen at SF Weekly for an incredible writeup on the event!  We ❤ you, Tara!

The meteoric rise of yet another soul party in San Francisco signifies that 1), we have not yet been sated, and 2) , this must be one mother-trucking fun party. Fresh from their deep-woods debut at the sublime women-centered Fabulosa Fest, the DJs are ready for Hard French Psycho Beach Party here in the city. It’s an ardently and successfully all-gender, all-sexuality crowd, so if you’re feeling out of place … maybe you’re wearing the wrong shoes? The theme this time around, a take-off on the Gidget-slasher-surf genre film, invites you to don your bikinis, colored balls, and badminton rackets — or not — and work it out on the backyard patio (a little less strenuous than sand). DJs Brown Amy and Carnita plus special guest Dick Vivian bring the soul. You bring the hairdo. Beer bust and barbecue are available for the first two hours, then dance it off and beg for more.

Thanks again ya’ll and stay tuned for exciting info about September’s HARD FRENCH and updates on SF HARD FRENCY INVASION OF NYC coming to you at the East River Bar on September 18th!


~ by realnittygritty on August 9, 2010.

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