Hey DJ!

Guess who this week’s featured DJ’s are in SF Weekly’s All Shook Down?

San Francisco is stacked with soul nights, but how many soul afternoons does the city play host to? And by daytime gigs, I mean BBQs, complete with greasy beats, grilled meats (veggie and otherwise), and soul food sides? There’s a new party in town called Hard French, whose theme is summarized by DJs Brown Amy and Carnita as “BBQ, soul, and sweaty queers hard frenching in the sunshine.” Got that? And yeah, the other spin on this theme, besides the eats, is the crowd they’re aiming to attract–queers both in the sexual sense and in the open-to-any-sorta-good-time kinds.

Hard French goes down this Saturday, March 6, at El Rio from 3 until 8 p.m. Get real friendly with these guys, Web style, and get the details on the gig ($5 “for hard dancing and hard cruising all day long”; $10 for “unlimited beer and a plate of bbq from 3 p.m. – 5p.m.”). Brown Amy and Carnita are vets of the party scene–perhaps they’ve already made you dance at the Lexington, Thee Parkside, or during Homo A Go Go–but we wanted to get them a little better before all that French-ing begins.

Read the rest right here!

Many thanks to Jennifer Maerz, and we’ll see you all tomorrow afternoon at HARD FRENCH!


~ by realnittygritty on March 6, 2010.

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